a long overdue update!

since it's been since september since my last post, i feel i should write up an update!

of course the main news in our lives is the birth of our first baby on february 4. little levi jonathan joined our lives after "only" 38 hours of labor (and 9 days after his due date) and we couldn't be happier. at birth he was 9 lbs, 4 oz and 21 inches long.

on march 11 i resigned from my job at CEVA to stay home with the little dude. it's great! i love being at home with him. he is a very healthy and content little guy and we get along very well. this coming monday he has his 2 month check-up, so i'll have to post his stats when we get done with that. he also has to get some shots... eek! mama is a little nervous about that.

since his birth levi has enjoyed spending time with all manner of friends and family. he's a big hit! about three weeks ago he took his first roadtrip to nana and grandpa's in waxhaw. it's only a 3 hour drive, and he did great!

other than adjusting to a new member of our household, we haven't have much going on. we're making plans to re-landscape the front of our house and plant a garden in the back yard. i'm trying to learn some money-saving tricks. i have not been successful at all in couponing and i already want to give up trying. all i can find are coupons for crap i don't want. i'm sure i could go to the grocery store and get a lot of stuff for a little money... but really... would i want any of it? food is one place where we spend a lot of money, though so i am trying to find ways to cut costs and still enjoy the food we eat.

we're slowly getting back in to our jobs serving at SummitKids. jon works security and i work check-in. it's definitely something we both enjoy, but we have been running on somewhat limited sleep/energy so we're trying not to over-commit until we're back to firing on all cylinders. levi is now sleeping about 5 and 1/2 hours at night which is great! a lot better than 2 anyway.

we are enjoying being parents, but i will say it really is going by too quickly. i can't believe it's already been 8 weeks since i gave birth to our big boy. as a mom i really struggle with this. i found myself crying as i packed away his newborn clothes - he's too big for almost everything he was wearing for the first 2 months. i look at our pictures from the hospital almost every day trying to remember those first moments when he was born. i never want to forget the moment when they first handed that little bundle to me. he was so calm and so alert and he looked right at me like he knew exactly who i was. really i need to take some time over the next couple of days to journal what i remember about those first days together. i hate it that there is so much i don't remember and i'm so bad about journaling/scrapbooking/etc... so a lot of times i end up forgetting a lot of things. i know i will never remember everything, but for now i'm just trying to cherish every moment and enjoy this little baby as much as possible.

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