so what if i ate a half package of oreos?

i also drank a whole glass of milk!

it's been a wonderful weekend here in durham. as always, it has passed by too quickly. we started on friday night babysitting for friends Josh & Lauren. it was a lot of work... the baby was in bed before we got there and we had to deal with the harrowing task of choosing a television program to watch. :-) they do have about 1000 more channels than we do, so it was a pretty difficult decision.

saturday we spent the day together. we went shopping and i got my first maternity clothes. whoa are maternity pants comfortable or what?! which brings me to a couple of things i like about being pregnant.

1. maternity clothes
2. my new giant appetite.

the list of things i like about being pregnant is much longer, but there are a few things that i'm not particularly enjoying. most of them i won't divulge because it wouldn't be very lady-like. a couple of others include trouble sleeping and back pain. oh, and crying in public. i've cried at at least two durham bull's games! who knew baseball could be so moving?

i'm thrilled that there are only 2 days left in august. i think it's my least favorite month, and september is such a lovely month. i'm really looking forward to the fall in north carolina.

in other news i can feel the baby moving pretty frequently! now that is exciting!
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