a few funny things that have happened lately

near my work there is a small community of apartment complexes, and they are all joined by Alm Street, which is a 35-mph stretch of road, with a fancy grass median to separate the eastbound traffic from the westbound traffic. Alm Street dead-end's at Briar Creek Parkway and twice in the last three weeks i have been driving down Alm toward Briar Creek Parkway in my proper lane of traffic when i have met someone driving up Alm also in my lane. it's hard to describe in words, but just imagine you're driving down I-40 in the eastbound lane, when suddenly someone is driving west, but they are also in the eastbound lane. i don't understand how it happens at all, but i am glad that i was at least paying attention.

now for another story. on thursday i was driving home from work on TW Alexander and i was stopped at the stoplight beside Sheetz. i had my window down and i was blasting some Hillsong United (serious praise & worship music for those of you not up to speed on your Christian music) and i was minding my own business, when a bright yellow car missing the front bumper pulled up beside me. the young weird-o, i mean man, in the bright yellow car had all of his windows down and i guess he thought i was checking him out, b/c he definitely did the little "chin thrust forward/upward" motion that guys sometimes do to say "hi" to you (aka hit on you) in traffic. first of all, i was not checking him out. his car was yellow and it was missing a bumper. it caught my attention. secondly, i'm pretty sure he was about 14 years old. it was really awkward! but i flashed him the 99 (me & jon's nickname for my wedding & engagement rings b/c in total there are 99 diamonds in them) and then thankfully the light turned green and he sped off at a ridiculously dangerous speed. i guess he was embarassed.

story number 3. today jon read me an article about how to protect your marriage from the evils of facebook. it warned couples not to check out your ex's page or post lots of comments of past and/or current crushes. here is how our conversation went:

Me: Do you have any current crushes?
Jon: No! You?
Me: No. Well, maybe Michael Westin.
Jon: No, I meant that YOU are my current crush.

Hehehe! Oh, don't worry... Michael Westin is just a character on Burn Notice & I don't really have a crush on him.
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