is my "story" interesting enough?

i think my blog is a little boring. i worry that maybe it's because my life is boring. i recently read a million miles in a thousand years by donald miller. it's a memoir in which he describes his journey over the past few years of "editing" his life. basically some guys who liked blue like jazz decided to make a movie of it and asked him to help write the screenplay. and through this process they indicate to him that they're going to have to spruce up the story because it really wasn't interesting enough to make a good movie. so this gets good ole' don to thinking that maybe his life is too boring and he is inspired to find out what he needs to do in order to have a more interesting life. i love, love, love donald miller. i came this close to moving to portland to stalk him and make him fall in love with me. but i was pretty disappointed in this book! and it makes me sad! but i feel like he has turned into kind of a flake. there were a couple of parts that were really good. part of him "rewriting" his life was that he decided to seek out his dad who had abandoned him when he was small and forgive him. i was really touched by that, because it made me appreciate my dad a lot more for being so amazing, and it also reminded me of my Heavenly Father who will never abandon me even though i often do so to Him and He always seeks me out to restore our relationship... even to the point of dying on the Cross so that my sins can be forgiven. anyway, i digress... i guess the reason i didn't enjoy don's book that much is because i felt like he wrote it more from the perspective of "how can i make my life more interesting so that people will think i'm cool" than he did from "what paths does God want me to take to make people think that He is cool". (of course, he doesn't a ton of awesome things to help other people - especially through the Mentoring Project which is the organization he founded to help child w/out fathers... i promise i'm not overlooking that!)

so anyway... is my life boring? i guess it is, compared to some. i mean, i don't live anywhere truly exciting like india or argentina (these are the 1st two interesting places that came to my head), but i think durham is awesome and fun and there are plenty of people who need help here for Jon & i to plug in and minister to. i don't have an exciting job like journalism or social work. i don't really feel like in my job i do anything for the "greater good". i basically get up and go to work and stress out and come home and then repeat. my blog posts consist of random thoughts & musing and stories about my cats. and i feel like donald miller would think my life is boring and that my story isn't worth telling.

well guess what donald miller! i love my life. ever sweet second spent with my amazing husband. every wonderful moment shared with my family. all the snuggles i get from my kitties. the laughs i share with lauren and ed and heidi and lorraine and lisa and bobby and everyone else at work despite the fact that we're all stretched very thin and we're all tired and stressed. those moments are worth living and telling. every worship experience that i am a part of at my church. all the runny noses and diapers in the 2-year old class we teach at church. the parties and the Bible studies, and the Habitat projects... the camping trips and beach trips and road trips and births and deaths. all of these things to me are an important part of my story and i am thankful that God is helping me be at peace with these simple things and that He is helping me see that it doesn't really matter what my story is. what matters is that in my life that He gets the glory. that's the key element that i felt was missing from a million miles in a thousand years. and i know that it's usually missing from my life... which is what i'm praying God will change.

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