thanksgiving update... a little late

did i mention that i basically cooked our entire thanksgiving 2009 dinner? i think i forgot to mention that!

we were supposed to go to waxhaw for thanksgiving to spend the holiday with my mom & dad. thanksgiving @ my mom's house is the absolute best, and i was pretty bummed that our plans changed. but i was thrilled to be able to spend the day at jon's parents! since it was a little last minute i offered to do most of the cooking. my offerings:

roasted turkey breast
mashed potatoes
green bean casserole
cranberry sauce (ok, jon made that!)
pecan pie
pumpkin pie
whipped cream

i made the pies crust & all from scratch - the first time ever. have a look-see!

i had a few issues with the outer pie crust appearance, mainly b/c i had no idea what i was doing, but after it baked it tasted delicious. i used my aunt barb's crust recipe & my grammy's pecan filling recipe. i also learned that pumpkin pie tastes better when you just get pumpkin puree and add the other ingredients than the pre-mixed pie filling.

my lovely mother-in-law (mama b.) had a roast w/ carrots & potatoes, dressing, deviled eggs, veggie tray, rolls, & sweet potatoes. all in all it was delicious and i was terribly proud of myself.


the jetta strikes again

we have a jetta named felix. he's 8 years old and has 109,000 miles on him. he has a 1.8 turbo engine and heated seats. we like him... but he doesn't like us. the water pump broke the day we brought him home (august 11). we finally were able to get him fixed last week (ahem... mid-November-ish). new water pump... new battery... and a few new odds & ends. oh how fun to cruise around in him w/ the seat heaters on. i never had to worry about my bum being cold.

this morning we got up and went to the German bakery that we love. there were lots of other VW's for him to speak German with there. we thought he'd like it.... but then driving home all of the warning lights on the dashboard illuminated and a sharp beeping noise started sounding. and then the engine quit. a couple of hours and my first tow-truck ride ever we were home. and now jon has to replace the alternator.

i think me and jon are just trying to see how many places in durham we can break down and how many times we can call his dad to rescue us.


lesson learned

that lesson is: ALWAYS KEEP COPIES OF YOUR TAX RETURNS!!!!!!! (and if you do, REMEMBER WHERE THEY ARE!!!!!!)

the NC Dept of Revenue has been harassing me this year. on my birthday i got a letter from them indicating that i owed a couple hundred bucks from 2006. $255 to be more precise. i mean, i *think* it was from 2006. and now, of course i can't find that notice.

this is what happens if a piece of paper comes into my house. i do what i need to do, and then manage to trash or shred the paper.

so annoying! i'm totally bummed that i have to re-file my 2006 state taxes. grrrr.
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