genesis in four (4) days

i am loving b90x. ok, i've only read genesis so far, but i love sitting down with my bible and my orange pen and trying to soak up as much of God's word as possible. so far i have a lot of questions to which i haven't yet had a chance to try and find the answers.

*at what point did male believers in God stop taking multiple wives? abram was married to sarai, but also had a child with hagar... jacob was married to leah & rachel and according to customs also to their maidservants zilpah & bilhah... solomon had 900 wives and concubines. did this offend God? it doesn't seem to, though earlier Gen. 1:24 says "a man will leave his father & mother and be united to his wife, and they will become ONE flesh". it just makes me curious. any thoughts?

*this isn't really a question, but i thought it was interesting that abraham and isaac were both very specific about their sons not marrying the women in the land where they were living. to them it was crucial that their sons' wives came from the "land of their fathers"... which is where we got rebekah, leah, rachel, zilpah & bilhah. lineage was clearly very important to abraham & isaac, but it was unclear to me if that was instruction they received from God. by contrast, joseph married an egyptian woman and his sons were blessed by Jacob and the fact that they are 1/2 egyptian definitely doesn't throw a wrench into God's plans. this isn't really an important point, but to me it seemed like a foreshadowing of Christ's death on the cross becoming the payment of sins of ALL people, not one specific people group.

while reading the story of jacob and all his wives and sons i just kept thinking about The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. what a great book! we don't get a lot of female point of view from the Pentateuch. it really made me want to read the book again and use the Word to analyze it a little more. that will probably have to wait until we're done w/ b90x, though!

i'm a little blue about the fact that it's already 9:30 on sunday night. i'm not ready to go back to work. last week was not too bad, and then friday it just hit the fan. i only got about 50% done of what i wanted to get done, and now i'm going to have to face all of it when i go in tomorrow. i need to focus on the good things about this weekend!

*stacy & aaron o. came to stay the night... and we got to eat dinner at elmo's!
*saturday late morning/early afternoon was spent in the cool breeze coming in through our sliding glass door cuddling with my sweet hubby
*saturday afternoon/night carrie & josh's wedding!!!!!! so much fun! a wonderful ceremony... and delicious dinner... and my legs are sore from dancing!
*a wonderfully challenging sermon at summit church this morning. i have so much to learn about seeking and knowing God. i am delinquent in my prayer life and i lack faith so much of the time. i have a long way to go!!!!!
*sweet children and lots of hugs in the 2 year old classroom at summit kids!
*generous friends who gave us a gift card to p.f. changs!!!!!!
*a delicious afternoon nap
*a sweet husband to do laundry
*honey mustard pringles
*the premier of "the next iron chef"

only 5 days until the next weekend! i know i can make it!

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