B90X - Day One

today is day one of B90X! jon & i are going to read through the Bible in 90 days. yes... B90X is a rip-off of P90X the work-out system, thing... which is something that I would never do.

but B90X i am going to attempt. we will be reading it from cover to cover in the order that it is in the english Bible, starting w/ Gen. 1 and ending at the end of Revelation.

today was Genesis 1:1 through 16:16. i've started so many "read through the Bible" programs, and i've never finished one. but i have read Genesis 1:1 through 16:16 many times. it took about an hour to read through it. i read it during my lunch hour, in the delicious sunshine, while listening the classical music station. it was wonderful, but i really need to kick my butt into gear and get up and read *before* work! i don't have time to take a lunch break every day and i don't want to depend on that hour to get my reading in that day.

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