taz thommarson is sick. :-(

yesterday afternoon we discovered that at some point this weekend taz ate some yarn. we don't know how much of it he ate, unfortunately. after church on Sunday we were watching tv when we realize that he was struggling with bathroom issues. we tried to help him as best we could and called the vet to see if we needed to get him to the hospital. the vet said to watch him for the next 8 hours to see if he started to show any signs of distress. the rest of the day he was behaving absolutely normally. we went to bed and at about 05:10 he came and slept in my arms for until it was time for us to all get up around 07:15. when we got up he almost immediately started vomiting and more yarn came out. thank the Lord he did it when we were both home, so we were able to get a 09:00 appointment (thankfully non-emergency to save a little money!) at the vet. took him in and had x-rays. the vet is concerned that there may be more yarn still in Taz's small intestine. we are "watching and waiting" now until he can get in to have an ultrasound tomorrow to see if he has to have surgery. they gave him a fluids treatment at the vet, so he can't eat or drink anything today. they also gave him a dose of chlorpromazine, an anti-nausea medicine (in cats & dogs at least - for humans it's a medication for people who are suffering from bi-polar disorder) so the poor baby is very drowsy.
He did great at the vet, though! and we found out that he weighs about 13.9 lbs! big boy!
i'm so relieved to know that Jesus cares about my sweet kitty. i really feel that He gave us (especially Jon) a lot of wisdom about how to handle this situation. He brought us to New Hope Animal Hospital and we really liked the vet we spoke with and who was treating Taz. if all goes well tonight he'll get an ultrasound tomorrow. thankfully i don't have to work until 10:00 so i can drop him off earlier and then when he gets done there should be no problem for Jon to pick him up. i'm so thankful that i was able to take a paid personal day to take care of our little emergency and i'm thankful that Taz won't have to be at home alone at all during this time. please pray that he won't have to have surgery! even Zorro is feeling sad that his brother is sick.

jon has been so calm and wise during this whole thing. i'm really glad b/c i have crying a lot throughout this. when i went to pick Taz up after his x-ray i was waiting in the waiting room and an old man carried in his dog. she'd had some injury to her front left shoulder (a big cut or something) and she had lain down on that side and the cut got very infected. i saw the injury and it was gruesome. while i was sitting there the vet tech told the man that they would probably have to put her to sleep and i just started crying. i am praying they won't have to do that but it sounded like it would be worse for the poor thing if they tried to close up her wound b/c she was very high risk. i feel very badly for the poor man. he looked just crushed. i'm crying again just thinking about it, so i'm going to wrap it up and eat something for the 1st time today.

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