knitting keeps me awake

actually i'm not even knitting.

i'm just browsing www.ravelry.com, joining groups, finding patterns i like, organizing my needles & hooks.

which, by the way, someone donated a gazillion knitting needles to the Boutique at JAARS (free clothing/stuff donation for missionaries), and my mom, being the Boutique Boss intercepted them. now none of us will ever have to purchase a knitting needle again!

(this is a good thing b/c i'm so cheap i tie scrap yarn to the ends of my double-pointed needles to turn them into regular needles so that the stitches don't fall off the ends.)

friends, i must ask this: "is anyone else out there on ravelry.com? if so, can we be friends?"

1 comment:

  1. Heh, I signed up for it but immediately got confused and just left it alone.
    - Lauren


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