1 mitt finished - 1 missing knitting needle = mixed emotions

last night i finished my 1st reading mitt! i'm so proud!

it fits perfectly. it's ambidextrous. it's warm.

i'm just very proud!

unfortunately in all of my excitement i apparently lost one of my knitting needles. i have looked everywhere! fortunately i have another set of size 5 double-pointed needles, but i do fear that my kittens stole it and i'm concerned that they will get stabbed on it! so i do hope that i can find it soon!


my soon-to-be reading mitts

i am |this close| to being finished with my the 1st half of my reading mitt knitting project. (see sample here.) what is a reading mitt? well, if you know me, you will probably not be surprised to hear that my hands are often cold when i'm reading a book. but you can't turn the pages when you wear gloves. my hands are often cold when i'm typing. but you can't type when you're wearing gloves. solution: reading (or typing) mitts.

this project is going by surprisingly quickly. i just started on saturday night, and i should be able to finish the 1st mitt up tomorrow.

but then i have to make a whole other mitt! that's the problem with knitting gloves, mittens, or socks... you have to make 2. i think i may have just solved the mystery of why MJ only wore one glove! he made the 1st one, but then got tired of it and didn't bother to make the 2nd. (this is just a theory.)

i could take the optimist's view, though... say you aren't 100% satisfied with the way the 1st mitt turns out. you have a whole new chance to make the 2nd one 100% perfect.

today in the car i was thinking that this would be a great time to start a new knitting group. any one out there interested in getting together and knitting with me?


knitting keeps me awake

actually i'm not even knitting.

i'm just browsing www.ravelry.com, joining groups, finding patterns i like, organizing my needles & hooks.

which, by the way, someone donated a gazillion knitting needles to the Boutique at JAARS (free clothing/stuff donation for missionaries), and my mom, being the Boutique Boss intercepted them. now none of us will ever have to purchase a knitting needle again!

(this is a good thing b/c i'm so cheap i tie scrap yarn to the ends of my double-pointed needles to turn them into regular needles so that the stitches don't fall off the ends.)

friends, i must ask this: "is anyone else out there on ravelry.com? if so, can we be friends?"
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