sephora & dividends

last weekend i was the "reader" in the wedding of my beloved friend Anne. i got to read in french & in english & in catholic. (i did almost as much speaking as the deacon who performed the ceremony did! but i didn't get to wear a robe.)

anyway, my beloved friend Anne is generous to a fault, and as a gift she gave me a wonderful gift card to Sephora. Sephora is much fancier than i am. their gift cards come wrapped in little compact mirrors, which i now use when i apply lip gloss.

we went to sephora tonight so that i could spend my gift card. i didn't spend any of it, though, b/c i was indecisive and also a little tired.

before the trip to sephora we went to REI where i promptly coveted everything i saw. here are somethings i really want right now:

a rain jacket
a small hiking backpack (for day trips)
a large hiking backpack (for more than day trips)
a bike

the rain jacket and small day-trip-hiking-back-pack i want for this reason: on Memorial Day we drove to the zoo and my mom, dad, adam, and andrea met us there. adam and andrea were so cute with their day-trip-hiking-back-packs and i was jealous. and after we had seen all of the animals and were headed back to the parking lot it started pouring and they both whipped out their rain jackets from their day-trip-hiking-back-packs and they stayed wonderfully dry! so basically i just want to be cool like my younger brother & his adorable lady friend.

i didn't get anything at REI, but jon got a new pair of flip flops. when were were checking out i was on the phone with my dad, but jon gave the cashier our REI membership card and i found out that i had $17.99 in dividends!!! i did not hesitate to demonstrate my excitement. i then wandered off toward the kayaks to continue talking to Dad, but when we left the store jon told me that the cashier had said to him, "you would've thought she had won the lottery!"

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  1. I can share in your excitement! I don't understand it, but Lowes Foods has some kind of greenpoints on their customer rewards cards, and every once in a while some money pops up on it. When the cashier asked me if I wanted to save 2 bucks by using the greenpoints, I said heck yeah! Free money is awesome


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