orzo, spinach, & pine nut salad...

... has been one of the highlights of my evening. thank you, whole foods! other highlights include, but are not limited to:

*Jon taking me to nice price books and buying me a book.
*lightning & thunder
*the roots special on paladium

also, apparently one of my library books smells delicious to my kittens because both of them spent the better part of an hour sniffing at it and (don't tell the library) drooling ever so slightly on the first page. to me it just smells like a normal library book, but i can't say that i blame them. i mean, i want to move in to the library. i'd be happy if they just let me sleep on the floor. (well - only if they let me have a blanket - it gets cold in there! a pillow would be nice also.) so yeah, i guess if it was socially acceptable to drool on books it would probably be my favorite activity.

jon says no to moving in to the library so scratch that whole idea. it'd be too boring without him there anyway.

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