insomnia sucks

i woke up at 2:37 this morning for no good reason. my right foot was sticking out from under the covers and it was icy cold. i put on my wonderful smart wool socks (one of the best christmas presents ever - given to me by my wonderful brother in law, matthew) hoping for a swift return to my pleasant slumber. alas, it was not to be. my left foot was soon nice and warm. my right foot stubbornly remained cold as ice. this has been a problem for me for the last 3 months. though warm to the touch, my right foot refuses to get warm, and it causes me to lose a lot of sleep. it seems that it must be a problem of poor circulation. i have very low blood pressure on average, and i am self-diagnosing the problem of poor circulation.

sometimes if i wear 2 socks on my right foot to bed it helps, but not always.

has anyone experienced this before?

well, after lying in bed wide awake for 2 hours, i decided to try to fall alseep on the couch, lest i keep my sweet husband awake with my tossing and turning. finally at about 5:30 i fell back asleep, but by then i only had a couple of hours of restless sleep to get. i really could've used a good rest too, because today was one of the busiest days i've ever had at work. i say that a lot, but just when i think it couldn't get any busier it totally does. i'm always learning new and interesting things, but i have to work fast and i fear for the quality of my work. we are currently on "slump plan" which means trying to fit 9 hours worth of work into 7 tiny hours. it's tough. i find that at the end of the day i leave work praying that God will bless my efforts to do a good job. i know that i'm not perfect and that it's ok to make mistakes. in fact, i think it's good to make the occasional mistake so that you can learn from it. but i also know that i work non-stop from the time i step in the office until the time that i leave, and when it's time to go home i have to ask God to help me leave my worries about mistakes and problems at the office and to just pray that He will just take care of the things that i can't.

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