friday night... no plans...

it's 19:20 on friday evening and jon and i don't know what to do tonight. many people we know are going to the durham bulls game, but it looks a little thunderstormy out there in my professional meteorological opinion. i think it would be better if we go tomorrow.

so that leaves us at nothing planned for tonight. i'm stingy and i don't want to spend money to do anything... but i do kind of want to go to whole foods or trader joe's.

this is a boring post - but i'm trying to post more regularly so boring will have to suffice!


  1. What do you get at whole foods? We got a coupon in the mail for a free apple pie at whole foods or earth fare... can't remember which one. We don't go there often, but we will for a free pie!

  2. i love to get the orzo, spinach & pine nut salad from the salad bar. i also really like their root beer (365 is the brand name) - all natural ingredients. yum!


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