yet another soon-to-be-extinct blog

there are probably only 2 people who will read this blog:

my mom
my husband

but that's ok, because like all the other blogs i've had in my life, this one will probably die soon.

it's wednesday night, and i'm currently sitting on the couch beside my husband doing what i do best: watching Food Network. we watch Food Network like it's going off the air. it doesn't matter what program is on, we will generally watch it. there is, however, an upside to our addition to Food Network: about once or twice a week we will make something we see on one of the shows, and it's usually absolutely delicious. i am blessed with a husband who enjoys and is good at cooking!

my husband and i have also been blessed with a new job opportunity for Jon. on his last official day of work at DLO, he was offered a full-time position with Lockheed Martin! we know that we could not have planned that timing any better, and we are thankful to God for His provision. Jon starts his new job on jan. 20; and i think he is ready to get back to work! if it were me, i believe that i would love sitting around the house; doing the occasionally house chore, and going out during the day and actually being able to see and enjoy the sunshine for more than 1 or 2 hours during the day. and it would be very hard for me to go back to work. Jon enjoys his freedom, but more than that, he enjoys working, knowing that he can provide for us. lazy bones that i am, i'd be perfectly happy to sit around and watch Food Network all day everyday for the rest of my life. which is why i'm thankful that i have a good job that keeps me going and prevents me from being the worst version of myself.


  1. I'm reading it :) And since I don't work, I hear ya. I watch a lot of movies...

  2. Oh wait, but we LOVE cilantro lol


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