my addiction to Facebook

there used to be a time when i didn't know every little detail of every single person i ever knew's life.

that is no longer true. i have 590 friends on facebook - and that's after a lot of weeding out of people i simply did not know! a small minority of those friends share in the facebook addiction with me. there are those who i know are always going to have new pictures, or a new note, or at least an interesting status for me to feast my eyes on when i get home from work. i don't miss a single relationship update, pregnancy, or sickness. i am always in the know!

why then, do i feel like i barely know anything about anyone other than what is on their facebook profile?

plus, though he would never say it, i am pretty sure that jon doesn't enjoy it when i come home and ignore him while reading everyone's status updates.

so i'm not banning facebook, but if you are my friend, i am interested in knowing you outside of facebook!

besides, it's not like i'm on myspace or anything! (ha ha ha!)

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