it occurs to me that i should clarify something from my last post. i mentioned that the current economic instability has created an opportune time for Believers to be witnessing to people in our community. after thinking about this for awhile, it occurred to me that it sounds like i want us to prey on people who currently suffering from financial losses and "convert" them. i think i over-simplified the process.

in Acts 2 it says that the Believers sold their belongings and gave the money to the elders in the church, who in turn distributed it accordingly. the Bible says that within their community there was no one who was in need because the members of the church made efforts to care for them. they didn't just go up to people, hand them a Bible, say a little prayer and walk away. it says they brought the sick and put them in their own beds! i definitely can't remember the last time i did that. (i.e. i've never done that.) one of the reasons that Christianity was so appealing in those days is that it was the only community/culture in which the sick and needy were CARED for, rather than discarded.

in general we are no longer known as a people who cares for those in need, and i confess that i don't do much to change that. i am challenged greatly by my many friends and family who are constantly reaching out to those around them, and am feeling more and more convinced that i am too comfortable in my current situation. what are some ways that i can break out of my comfort zone and offer help and love to someone in need?

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  1. It's been a month since your last post. I need a new one please!


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