it occurs to me that i should clarify something from my last post. i mentioned that the current economic instability has created an opportune time for Believers to be witnessing to people in our community. after thinking about this for awhile, it occurred to me that it sounds like i want us to prey on people who currently suffering from financial losses and "convert" them. i think i over-simplified the process.

in Acts 2 it says that the Believers sold their belongings and gave the money to the elders in the church, who in turn distributed it accordingly. the Bible says that within their community there was no one who was in need because the members of the church made efforts to care for them. they didn't just go up to people, hand them a Bible, say a little prayer and walk away. it says they brought the sick and put them in their own beds! i definitely can't remember the last time i did that. (i.e. i've never done that.) one of the reasons that Christianity was so appealing in those days is that it was the only community/culture in which the sick and needy were CARED for, rather than discarded.

in general we are no longer known as a people who cares for those in need, and i confess that i don't do much to change that. i am challenged greatly by my many friends and family who are constantly reaching out to those around them, and am feeling more and more convinced that i am too comfortable in my current situation. what are some ways that i can break out of my comfort zone and offer help and love to someone in need?


It's been an interesting week here in Durham. Things have been going slowly, so I can't say that I have an excuse for not posting a new blog for the last few days. I just haven't had anything going on that I find blog-worthy.

Sunday is arguably my favorite day of the week. Jon and I attend the 9 o'clock service at The Summit Church. This is the earliest service offered, but we like to go to church early, and then come directly home after the service so that we can enjoy lunch and a restful afternoon at home before we head back to church to serve at the 5 o'clock service. I work in the nursery and Jon is on the parking team. I don't think I could understate how much God used The Summit Church to change my life, and every time I go there I am reminded of all the good things in my life that are there because of my church. Our pastor has been preaching through the book of Acts, and this week he said something that really resounded in my mind. In light of the current economic situation in the US, he was urging us to take the opportunity to take the truth of God's faithfulness to provide, and share it with our friends and family and people in our communities. He said something to the effect that (and I'm not going to quote this b/c it could be a misquote) many people in the American culture worship money/financial security as their god. Unfortunately for many of them, their god has just been crucified, and there is no signs of resurrection. Yes, things may eventually improve, and there's a good chance that many of us will live to see times of economic prosperity, and probably even other times of economic recession, but we will never be in the exact same state of "security" or "insecurity". Things may seem bad right now, but seen through the lens of the pain that Christ suffered for us on the Cross, and living in the knowledge and faith that He is unwaveringly faithful and good every hour of every day definitely helps me to not fret about what my economic situation is going to be like when I wake up in the morning.

Monday I was feeling sick, so I didn't go to work. But I did manage to beat Mario Kart on the Wii (the 50 cc circuit).

Tuesday we woke up to around 5 inches of beautiful snow!!! Oh, and Jon started his new job. Hehehe. I went in to work for around 3 hours, then came home to relax and enjoy the beautiful white scenery.

Today was a pretty normal day at work. Things have been very slow, and I can't remember the last time I actually worked a full 8-hour day. (Which isn't the best thing when you're an hourly employee.) With the snow and ice outside I found it difficult to concentrate on things going on in the world of CEVA. I'm totally in the mindset that since everything shut down in RDU that surely the rest of the world has shut down as well. Unfortunately that's not exactly how it works, so somehow I manage to pull it together and get all my work done.

My kittens love to try and walk on the keyboard while I am typing. They're so cute. tyhjwsa (Zorro just typed that.)

Well, having finished watching the Tar Heels beat Clemson (not ClemPson), I need to go to bed!


my addiction to Facebook

there used to be a time when i didn't know every little detail of every single person i ever knew's life.

that is no longer true. i have 590 friends on facebook - and that's after a lot of weeding out of people i simply did not know! a small minority of those friends share in the facebook addiction with me. there are those who i know are always going to have new pictures, or a new note, or at least an interesting status for me to feast my eyes on when i get home from work. i don't miss a single relationship update, pregnancy, or sickness. i am always in the know!

why then, do i feel like i barely know anything about anyone other than what is on their facebook profile?

plus, though he would never say it, i am pretty sure that jon doesn't enjoy it when i come home and ignore him while reading everyone's status updates.

so i'm not banning facebook, but if you are my friend, i am interested in knowing you outside of facebook!

besides, it's not like i'm on myspace or anything! (ha ha ha!)


yet another soon-to-be-extinct blog

there are probably only 2 people who will read this blog:

my mom
my husband

but that's ok, because like all the other blogs i've had in my life, this one will probably die soon.

it's wednesday night, and i'm currently sitting on the couch beside my husband doing what i do best: watching Food Network. we watch Food Network like it's going off the air. it doesn't matter what program is on, we will generally watch it. there is, however, an upside to our addition to Food Network: about once or twice a week we will make something we see on one of the shows, and it's usually absolutely delicious. i am blessed with a husband who enjoys and is good at cooking!

my husband and i have also been blessed with a new job opportunity for Jon. on his last official day of work at DLO, he was offered a full-time position with Lockheed Martin! we know that we could not have planned that timing any better, and we are thankful to God for His provision. Jon starts his new job on jan. 20; and i think he is ready to get back to work! if it were me, i believe that i would love sitting around the house; doing the occasionally house chore, and going out during the day and actually being able to see and enjoy the sunshine for more than 1 or 2 hours during the day. and it would be very hard for me to go back to work. Jon enjoys his freedom, but more than that, he enjoys working, knowing that he can provide for us. lazy bones that i am, i'd be perfectly happy to sit around and watch Food Network all day everyday for the rest of my life. which is why i'm thankful that i have a good job that keeps me going and prevents me from being the worst version of myself.
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